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Logo Rectangle

Logo Rectangle


LumaShade™ commercial Logo Rectangle Box LED pendants are the most luxurious lighting pieces available. They are completely customizable in size, shape, luminosity and color. We are able to laser cut your logo on any of our materials. Light shines through the logo, but not through the rest of the fixture making them perfect for display cases or anywhere else where your logo is proudly displayed.

Parameters of displayed shade:

    Top Width : 18 Inches
    Top Length : 38 Inches
    Bottom Width : 18 Inches
    Bottom Length : 38 Inches
    Shade Height : 22 Inches
    Shade Covering : Linen : Black
    Acrylic Diffuser Length : 38"
    LumaTile LED Light Emmitter: 8" x 20", 6,500 Lumens
    LED Color Temperature : 3,700 - 4,200K Neutral White Color

Each fixture is available with our revolutionary LumaTile™ delivering even, vibrant light at a fraction of the total cost of ownership for traditional incandescent lighting. A white, light-diffusing acrylic lens completes the look at the bottom of the shade.

Simply submit your artwork in digital format, and let us create your light-up logo masterpiece!

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery on these items.

Additional Information

Commercial Pendant With Integrated LED Lighting

  • Select from our library of shapes...or send us your own.
  • Select from our library of fabrics...or send us your own.
  • Select from our selection of LED light modules and dimming controllers
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