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Custom Lighting Now A Reality

Customization has been the "next big thing" in product strategy since 1970 when theorist Alvin Toffler first conceived the concept. But the reality has been elusive. Then four years ago, highly respected Forrester Research proclaimed that "Mass Customization is (Finally) The Future of Products." The basis for their bold prediction was that customer-facing technologies were getting cheaper and more social. They envisioned social network-based "product configurators" that would enable customer to co-design the products they buy. And while the Internet is a powerful enabler, few manufacturers have been able to harness that power -- and product customization remains on the wish-list.

The challenge that manufacturers face with offering product customization is their existing methods and path to market.

Product features such as shape, size, and color are defined based on research (user needs, competition). The goal of the product planner is to reach the most prospective customers with the fewest varieties of product. Variety limitations are necessary because of limited shelf-space (even in cyberspace). Once that product set is defined, the products are mass produced to achieve economies of scale that drive down cost. Finished product is shipped from the factory to distribution centers and then to dealers and retailers.

Changing this model is a daunting task and is the reason product customization has failed to be implemented.

Lighting follows this manufacturing-to-market model.

Today there are thousands of lamps and fixtures available for sale. But talk to any interior designer, space planner, architect or commercial buyer and they will tell you stories of the hours spent scouring the Internet or paging through catalogs seeking a lamp that meets their aesthetic and functional requirements. In the end, they are forced to compromise, settling for a product that almost meets their requirements.

ReVamp Lighting was created to deliver a custom lighting solution. Our LumaShade LED pendant lamps are built-to-order based on each customer's unique requirements, eliminating the need to compromise. Customers use our online Builder APP so define the shape, size, fabric, color, and light output of the lamp which is then built-to-order and delivered directly to them. Customers can even create their own shapes or provide their own fabric, making their LumaShade a one-of-a-kind light.

So the next time you are searching lighting that meets your special needs, look no further than LumaShade.

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